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Knitting a Dashing Dog Coat


Dear Ann: What a pleasure to knit up Olive’s new dog coat. (For those just joining the program, it’s the Give-a-Dog-a-Bone Coat from Debbie Bliss’s book, Woolly Woofers.)  The only bit that gave me the slightest trouble was doing the shaping for the neck straps, and that was because we were talking on the phone and I kept losing track of where I was. (The yarn is a cushy, crisp worsted weight from Jill Draper Makes Stuff,...

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Dog Gone Sweater


Dear Ann: I know I said I was going to knit a summer top after I finished my Fort Tryon Wrap, but then I was looking for a book under my nightstand. I came across my copy of Woolly Woofers, by Debbie Bliss. I will give it to you straight, Ann: all bets are off. At least they are off for as long as it will take me to knit a Give-A-Dog-A-Bone Coat for a much-missed terrier, size small. Isn’t it the cutest? I didn’t read the pattern...

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 1

What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 1 - 1

Dear Kay, Well, I hardly know where to begin, having been away so long! I’ve been in Monteagle all summer, back in Realityland now, where the wi-fi flows and the AC works. It’s been weeks since I wrote, and there’s so much to tell. I’ll jump in with the thing I’m working on right this minute. There’s a new baby in the fambly, a snurgly new great-niece. When the news came, I immediately a) stared at her photo...

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Baby William gets knitty

Baby William gets knitty - 1

So for the first time in my life I finished a baby sweater BEFORE the baby arrived. My old colleague Elizabeth Herbert finally gave up the ghost, two weeks and a day after the due date, and William Herbert is now here. I’ll be taking his little pale green doodah over to him tomorrow. It’s from Debbie Bliss’s QUICK BABY KNITS (not to be confused with BABY QUICK KNITS, QUICK KNITS FOR BABIES, or QUICKIE BABY KNITS or any of her...

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