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Dip, Hang, Repeat

Dear Ann, Last Sunday I spent a glorious day at French General’s indigo dyeing workshop in a 19th century building at the South Street Seaport. (19th-Century turns out to mean “very badly lit,” but intrepid dyers were not deterred.) All I can say is, here are some photos of heaven in a 5-gallon bucket.   The background music: vinyl.  There is no digital in indigo. Our leader, Kaari Meng, a tower of indigo power, at the...

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Cutting Class at Finishing School

Dear Ann, Earlier this week, I was digging through my denim stash in search of pom pom fixings (as you do), and I came across this artifact. It’s a Baby Surprise Jacket made of denim pom pom fixings. I do not recall when I made it, but I believe it was during the 2006-2008 period when we were renovating and life was a cycle of packing, unpacking and dust protection efforts. I remember pondering how to seam this little sweater. Because I...

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Farewell to All That (Yarn)

Farewell to All That (Yarn) - 1

Dear Ann, I have been remiss in blabbing about dishrags this summer. It’s the summer of being remiss, apparently. The Dishcloth Calendar (of blessed memory) is no longer being produced by the lovely Janet Nogle. But when Janet and her dishrag-knitting posse learned that Elmore-Pisgah, the Carolina manufacturere of made-in-the-USA Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton yarn, was closing up shop, they went into the studio and produced an...

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More Thoughts on Denim and Squareness

More Thoughts on Denim and Squareness - 1

Dear Ann: Are you still with us, with all of this intensely indigo gabbing? Spurred on by comments and emails, I have a few more things to add. On Denim Blankets: Will a Square Stay Square? Readers want to know whether a square knitted in denim would stay square after shrinking. The answer is: it depends on the construction of the square. Bottom Line: log cabin squares? They stay square. They don’t ripple or do anything unsightly...

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Guess It Up: Knitting With Denim Yarn

Guess It Up:  Knitting With Denim Yarn - 1

Dear Ann, What with all the summer scandal the New York Post is serving up these days (Madge & Alex! Christie & Hub Number 4!) I am kind of busy, you know? But people have been asking me questions about knitting with denim yarn, and I want to help. But I must be brief; there is also a YouTube of a dancing young man I have to watch a few more times today. (People ask me: “How do you do it all, Kay?” I really...

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