We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

Miracle of the Modern Postal Service

Miracle of the Modern Postal Service - 1

Dear Kay, Diane asks what happened to the Different Lines scarf I was making a while back. I don’t know! It’s gone! I mailed it to Landy, my friend who lives in North Berwick, outside Edinburgh. I finished the scarf early in the season up in Grundy County, and when I mailed it, I thought: This may well be the first-ever Monteagle-North Berwick parcel. I didn’t get a good final shot of this peculiarly shaped scarf....

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Driver Education

Driver Education - 1

Dear Kay, I can drive a houseboat now. It happened when I was on a houseboat this past weekend with a bunch of women, and when the guy who was explaining the houseboat arrived at the helm to demonstrate how to turn on the houseboat, he said, “So who’s driving?” We all looked at him blankly, realizing that we hadn’t really addressed the issue of how the houseboat might make its way around the lake, and it occurred to us...

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