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The Cobbler’s Dishrag Drawer

holy dishrag

Dear Ann, It has come to this. My once-glorious dishrag drawer is faded and bedraggled. I first noticed the general lowering of the tone of my dishcloths quite a while ago, but I kept pushing aside such unthinkable thoughts. The fact is, I’ve not been in the dishcloth knitting mood for a while now. Then, recently, a visitor commented on the sad state of my also-once-glorious tea towels. I had to face it: I’ve let myself go. The tea...

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Farewell to All That (Yarn)

Farewell to All That (Yarn) - 1

Dear Ann, I have been remiss in blabbing about dishrags this summer. It’s the summer of being remiss, apparently. The Dishcloth Calendar (of blessed memory) is no longer being produced by the lovely Janet Nogle. But when Janet and her dishrag-knitting posse learned that Elmore-Pisgah, the Carolina manufacturere of made-in-the-USA Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton yarn, was closing up shop, they went into the studio and produced an...

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Chin Up, Old Thing

Chin Up, Old Thing - 1

Dear Ann, Recently The Women’s Room had a wonderful post about why getting a bit older is not that terrible. Today I discovered something even better: Google “Helen Mirren.” Go ahead, do it. Better now? A reason to put on your mascara and get to the gym once in a while? Feel free to suggest other Google searches that will help ease the aging process. Speaking of the aging process, some of my handknit dishrags have moved...

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Lifestyles of the Stitchin’ Famous (and Free Pattern!)

Lifestyles of the Stitchin' Famous (and Free Pattern!) - 1

Dear Ann, In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been vamping here, recycling pictures of my dog and such; I have mislaid the KayCam. But wanted to fill you in on Last Night At Martha’s Party. Martha (yes, that Martha, do I have to post a link to cussin’ Martha?) threw a party for bloggers in honor of a BlogHer hootenanny that was going on that I didn’t know about, and she was kind enough to invite me, so I went. It...

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From Our Far-Flung Dishrag Correspondents

Dear Ann, It sure is hard to keep up with all the news in these times. For example, the Ballband Dishcloth. There is just always something happening with the Ballband Dishcloth. People love it. It is the ur-dishrag, deeply embedded in the zeitgeist (and also the weltanschauung). Ballband-reminiscent ski hats. As Craig Ferguson would say, “Take that, Billabong!” And on the gossip beat, sources inform us that a certain Ballband...

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