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Sorry It Took So Long

Sorry It Took So Long - 1

Dear Ann, You saw this coming, right? The knitting of fruits? This one was is based on the Per Orla dishcloth pattern. I hate to be so predictable. I bet y’all have had a pool going. Whoever bet on “September 17” and “plum” takes all. What’s next? Kiwi? Acai berries, or whatever form of fruit acai is? (I don’t even know what acai looks like; I think it might spring from the earth in the form of...

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Tidings of Lemon Fresh Joy

Tidings of Lemon Fresh Joy - 1

Dear Ann, If you are not a dishcloth knitter, keep moving, nothing to see here. But for the few, the proud, the stubborn among us, who openly knit the humble dishcloth in the face of dismissive public opinion, at times even from fellow knitters, it’s a big day each year when Janet Nogle’s Dishcloth Calendar comes out. Well, my raisiny-handed friends, the 2010 Dishcloth Calendar is here, where you can purchase a download or a...

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Summer Sunday Brunch (Free Pattern!)

Summer Sunday Brunch (Free Pattern!) - 1

Dear Ann, This time of year, as surely as hurricanes threaten coastal areas and dogs lie down on the sidewalk and refuse to move one more step, you will find me wracking my brains to design an entry for Janet Nogle’s Dishcloth Calendar. My entry-in-progress for the 2010 edition is most intriguing. So intriguing I am taxing my skill set trying to make it work. It will work, dagnabbit! And it will work elegantly! But late summer also...

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In Your Easter Bonnet (With All the Dishrags On It)

In Your Easter Bonnet (With All the Dishrags On It) - 1

Dear Ann, Hi there! I’m still here. My knitting has taken a dishraggy turn lately. I am–believe it or not–getting to the bottom of my heretofore bottomless stash of Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton, which means that suddenly all my choices are: pastel. I guess I just don’t like pastels that much in the Ordinary Course of Business. When my beloved Juicies and Blahs are down to sad 3-yard nubbins, I still have...

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Mason-Dixon Boyz N Scarvz

Mason-Dixon Boyz N Scarvz - 1

Dear Ann: I know it’s kind of worrisome for a middle-aged woman to keep posting photos of young guys wearing her knitting. I’m sure you’re concerned–quite rightly–that I might be stalking them, or perhaps sitting on the sidewalk with a scrawled sign soliciting assistance. You’re probably thinking I’ve been saying things like “dude”. Fear not! All models 100% guaranteed to be related to...

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