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Giddy (My Favorite Emotion)

Giddy (My Favorite Emotion) - 1

Dear Ann, Have you noticed how, when you reach A Certain Age, it’s harder to feel giddy? Christmas morning doesn’t quite do it (a nightgown! yay! can I go back to bed?), a birthday absolutely doesn’t do it, but I’ve found that Pub Date can still evoke the old lightheaded joy and jangling-nerve combo that is so exhilarating. The book is out there, all by itself. Nobody holding its hand. Nobody reminding it to say...

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The Age of Linoleum

The Age of Linoleum - 1

Dear Ann, The new Dishcloth Calendar is here! The new Dishcloth Calendar is here! For inspiration for my contribution to this year’s edition, I searched far and wide, racing through stitch dictionaries like a mad woman–nothing doing. I looked down at my feet, and there it was: kitchen floor. Marmoleum. Linoleum! Who doesn’t love linoleum? Who doesn’t miss it every day? Who doesn’t want to knit a dishrag...

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Sunflower Season (Free Pattern!)

Sunflower Season (Free Pattern!) - 1

Dear Ann, In the midst of submitting a pattern for the 2009 Dishcloth Calendar, I remembered last year’s design, which I am now free to share with my fellow dishrag-knittin’ freaks. It’s classified as a “Grade 2 (Impractical)” in the Dishrag Classification Manual. Meaning it’s pretty, but not utilitarian. I beg to differ! At heart, it’s a simple– albeit florally-reminiscent– counter...

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Dishrag Detox

Dishrag Detox - 1

Dear Ann, As much as I love, love, love knitting dishrags, I think they’ve become a problem for me. A crutch. Whenever I’m feeling fidgety lately, in knitting or life, I cast on a dishrag. This keeps me busy, but it’s not like I need the dishrags. I’m well fixed in the dishrag department. I hand them out to pals like sticks of gum. “Here, have a Wint-O-Green? A piece of Trident? A countertop...

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Gifty! - 1

Dear Ann, [Note to skimmers. If you stay with this post, there is a free pattern in there somewhere.] Hey there. IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! Hanukkah is in full swing, but I can handle Hanukkah. Hanukkah requires one Unnecessary But Greatly Desired Electronic Item (To Be Purchased By Dad), plus 7 small items such as: Croc buttons (still looking for here’s the Israeli flag Croc button I saw recently–how cool would that be as...

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