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Lazy Sunday: What’s On


Dear Kay, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a knitter in possession of a knitting project also wants something else to do while knitting. This week’s picks: MDK Archive Deep Dive I’m getting the Fair Isle twitch again. The words Alice Starmore have drifted back into my consciousness, as happens. If you’d like to read what happened the last time I got this jones, it’s basically a 13-episode binge...

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The Ditch: A Cautionary Tale, with Free Advice

The Ditch: A Cautionary Tale, with Free Advice - 1

Dear Kay, This one is going to be REAL QUICK, because it was not the most joyous knitting ever, but it was necessary. Back when I started this Donegal pullover, back in 2008, back in the Bush Administration, I was so carefree. I would get to the end of a round, figure out what yarns needed to end and begin, and by golly just drop one and add in another. It’s definitely the fastest way to go, but in the long term, you pay a bitter, sour...

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Finishing a Steek: The Wimp’s Method

Finishing a Steek: The Wimp's Method - 1

Dear Kay, Time to deal with those pesky steek flaps at the neckline of this thing. Alice Starmore says to cut the neck steeks, then knit the neckband, THEN finish off the steeks. This means that I was manhandling this thing, knitting the neckband in the round, steeks unfettered, yet nothing unraveled. The fact is, shetland wool is not likely to unravel at all. It likes itself! (Kate Davies writes about all this in her usual fascinating way...

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Quick Peek at Cutting a Steek

Quick Peek at Cutting a Steek - 1

Dear Kay, Short on time but never short on coverage of every little step in this Donegal project. Our last episode ended with this situation: Top view of the neck opening, except that it’s not really open because along the way, I somehow in the dim recesses of my memory recall putting steeks here so that the knitting in the round could continue unabated all the way to the shoulder line. If Alice Starmore says to do it, I just do it. You...

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Things Done and Undone: Sleeve Update

Things Done and Undone: Sleeve Update - 1

Dear Kay, Oh for pity’s SAKE I finished the second sleeve of this thing. The problem isn’t that it’s hard. The problem is that it’s not portable. You have sit right there with the thing, with the chart and your snack bar of tiny balls of yarns, with your steam up and your Internet off. You need your good light, because after sunset, Pickle = Bark and Bramble = Roseberry. You need things to align like the sunbeams on a...

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