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Why Pearl-Encrusted Gray Sweaters Matter to Us Civilians

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Dear Kay, OK, we are going to talk about fashion for a minute. I don’t really follow fashion all that much, except for my hero Dries Van Noten. I follow him the way Yankees fans follow spring training. I knew, for example, that his Fall 2016 collection would be coming down the runway in Paris yesterday, and I awaited the photos and the reviews. You honest to God never know what he’s going to do next, but you know it’s going...

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Dries Van Noten, My Hero


Dear Kay, I know you know I have a profound love of Dries Van Noten, the Antwerp clothing designer. My budget does not allow me to indulge this love on a regular basis. But the great thing about the Internet is that one can easily, freely and by freely I mean FREE-ly, indulge in every single moment of this genius’s work. I cannot get enough. His fashion shows are my favorite reality show. I put them on my calendar. They are...

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