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Love Means Never Having To PSSO

Love Means Never Having To PSSO - 1

Dear Ann, Announcement: I’ve finished knitting the 210 very long rows of Volt. I am now COMMENCING I-CORD. It’s frightfully exciting. Grace Anna Farrow’s instructions instruct, in the elegantly economical way that I have already come to expect of her patterns, how to do the i-cord edging along the live stitches as a bind-off, and on the side edges (the row ends) via the pick-up-and-attach-it-as-you-go method. I’ve...

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Must Have Relaxed Grip

Must Have Relaxed Grip - 1

Dear Kay, I keep looking at that volcano plume thing from Iceland and marveling at how easily it derailed just about every airport in Europe. SHUT DOWN! I have this weird feeling of disappointment–hey, you mean I CAN’T fly to Paris right now? Or London? NONE of ’em? It makes me realize that I seem to have been carrying around this fantasy that I could, at any moment, if I really needed to, ditch out for Europe. Meanwhile, this...

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Don’t Stand and Watch

Don't Stand and Watch - 1

Dear Kay, Top Tennis Tip #2 from my spring break tennis experience: “Constant Movement: Hit and move—don’t stand and watch.” I am beginning to think that tennis and knitting are the same thing. The same motions repeated over and over. The thrill of a decent serve; the agony of a bad bind-off. The blisters! The backbiting! The bad calls! Speaking of bad calls . . . I mulled the bind-off situation for the Diminishing Rib...

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Clarissa O Clarisssssssssaaaaaaaaaa

Clarissa O Clarisssssssssaaaaaaaaaa - 1

Dear Kay, Remember Clarissa? From Issue 6 of The Knitter? The uncharacteristically decorative cardigan I started a few weeks ago? My awesome new BED JACKET? Well, it’s done. But getting to Done took so very much longer than I thought it would. I cranked the body easily enough. It’s one piece, just a lot of yarnovering or yarningover or whatever (like jump-roping when I was growing up–nobody called it jumping rope). When I...

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Living the Mad Men Dream

Living the Mad Men Dream - 1

Dear Kay, If you have been watching Mad Men (and if you haven’t, go ahead and start), you have probably been mesmerized by all the weird style. I’m loving it. The whole show looks so mannered, so odd. The designers can’t resist anything having to do with the early 1960s. Peggy the copywriter in particular has a very strange look. Fabulously dowdy, like Diana Prince before she turns into Wonder Woman. When I finished up my...

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