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When the Moon Is In the Seventh Cowl

When the Moon Is In the Seventh Cowl - 1

Dear Ann, O Baby! What a darling baby is Woodie. And how efficient were you to get her cardi made while she’s still small enough to have to roll up the sleeves? My sympathies on Boreal’s second sleeve. Git R done, asap, or that thing is going to die just one sleeve short of glory. But enough about your knitting. What about my knitting? I got a lot of solitary knitting time in trains, planes and automobiles last week as I...

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Marinate Project for One Year

Marinate Project for One Year - 1

Dear Kay, Finished object update. A few weeks ago, I had a total tweed freakout regarding Jared Flood’s yarn Shelter. This spell sent me into a frenzy of tweed fever, to the point that I rooted through my lair in search of something, anything to knit that involved tweed. Fortunately, I laid my clammy paw upon an unfinished object, the Back Home in Vermont Sweater from Barbara Albright’s Natural Knitter. Rowan Felted Tweed. A...

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