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The Ditch: A Cautionary Tale, with Free Advice

The Ditch: A Cautionary Tale, with Free Advice - 1

Dear Kay, This one is going to be REAL QUICK, because it was not the most joyous knitting ever, but it was necessary. Back when I started this Donegal pullover, back in 2008, back in the Bush Administration, I was so carefree. I would get to the end of a round, figure out what yarns needed to end and begin, and by golly just drop one and add in another. It’s definitely the fastest way to go, but in the long term, you pay a bitter, sour...

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On Pins & Needles

Dear Ann, A super-quick, photo-free post to impart two pieces of vital information. 1. Non-knitting discovery: there is a really nice, tiny fabric/quilting/embroidery shop on Lexington Avenue between 74th Street and 75th Street. It’s friendly! It has a well-curated selection of fabrics for quilting and making simple clothing. It’s called Pins & Needles. I got some lovely quarter-yards of Liberty Tana Lawn for my someday...

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You Want Lightning? I’ll Show you Lightning!

You Want Lightning? I'll Show you Lightning! - 1

Dear Ann: Having just posted 20 minutes ago, I am refreshed and energized and ready to post again! BLOGGING MAKE HULK STRONG! HULK HAVE OPINIONS! HULK SMASH HONEY COWL HERESIES! Really, it’s just that somebody just asked a question in our comments on the previous post, about the Honey Cowl. If you think I am opinionated about Lance Armstrong, it’s nothing compared to my opinionatedness on the Honey Cowl. Here is the...

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Paris O Paris!

Paris O Paris! - 1

Dear Kay, Bonne année! Whatevaire! We just got back from our fambly trip to Paris. We brought back souvenir malades. Yesterday I decided to call mine jet lag, but it’s actually sort of more achy than that. Our aches were a small difficulty, though, for a trip that went well. Arriving at de Gaulle airport after their week of complete weather chaos was like coming through a college dorm after the year-end loadout. The graveyard of dead...

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Never (Ever Wever) Wash It

Never (Ever Wever) Wash It - 1

Dear Ann, The Blogger’s Canon of Ethics states that if a blogger shares her marvels and blessings: the intricate lacework that catches the sun just so, the well-scrubbed children heading off to do their charity work, the homemade biscuits cooling on a vintage plate, the tiny terriers romping on windswept beach–well then, the blogger is duty-bound to publicize a few of the things that aren’t working out quite so well. If...

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