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Vacation Knitting Challenges, and Also Thomas Jefferson

Vacation Knitting Challenges, and Also Thomas Jefferson - 1

Dear Kay, While on spring break vacation, we had a lot of time for watching movies. One of the adventures in vacation rentals is poking around the bookshelves to see what the owners left behind for the amusement of their renters. All I can say is that we really need to think hard about becoming James Patterson, Anne Rivers Siddons, or Reader’s Digest Condensed Books SO MUCH. There was not a single knitting book in the place. The...

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Picking Up

Picking Up - 1

Dear Kay, First the governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, has a bimbo eruption, now the governor of Illinois is selling off a senate seat? In the name of COMMON DECENCY, people, really now. What is going ON? Throw the bums OUT! It’s a disGRACE! I watched the news conference for this astonishing set of allegations while tidying up the button bands for my 95% finished Margaret sweater. (I’m counting the word-stitching part as another...

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Weirdness, Plus Anna’s Thumbholes: A Tutorial

Weirdness, Plus Anna's Thumbholes: A Tutorial - 1

Dear Kay, I keep thinking about weirdness–you know, the Six Weird Things that everybody is posting on their blogs. I was discussing this last week with the cab driver who was taking me from the airport to your apartment. (By the way, I gotta say, your apartment is so far uptown that I felt like I was taking a cab back to Nashville. Honey, I know you have been stalwart over these past months, living in a whole nother neighborhood while...

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On the Brink

On the Brink - 1

Dear Kay, First things first. This is our Christmas tree. The day after we put the thing up, it took on what can only be described as a lean–a slant, a slope. See what I mean? It’s not at all clear to me that straightening the tree will fix this problem. One touch, and the whole thing goes. It might as well be Wile E. Coyote standing on a boulder on the edge of the canyon. I walk by this tree maybe 35 times a day, and every time I...

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In Which We Microwave the 3-Needle Bind Off

In Which We Microwave the 3-Needle Bind Off - 1

Dear Ann, The people, most of whom are named Heather, are CLAMORING to know the three-needle bindoff method Cristina used to join the squares of her naturally dyed wool blanket. (Three comments is clamoring; four is a revolution.) Luckily, I have a post in the deep freeze that I can re-heat. Way back when, I described, ever so succinctly considering it was me, how I had joined the squares of a baby blanket using a three-needle bindoff on the...

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