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A-Grommeting We Will Go

A-Grommeting We Will Go - 1

Dear Ann, Yesterday I headed down I-95 for a visit with Cristina, who has been very busy with her dyepot and knitting needles getting the goods ready for the needlework table at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia’s Holiday Crafts Festival this weekend. Unfortunately Cristina was not allowed to rest from her labors, because I had brought her a present. A self-grommeting present. I had made a pair of patchwork potholders and a semi-matchy,...

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The Great Meeting of 2006

The Great Meeting of 2006 - 1

Dear Kay, Train buffs–and people who watch long, involved television documentaries–know this picture. It’s the historic 1869 meeting of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads in Promontory, Utah–the moment when America was connected by a transcontinental railroad. Finally! A quick way to Napa Valley! Oho, dear friends, we made a little history last night when West met East: You can practically smell the coal...

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Doubters, Blasphemers, Charlatans…and Babies

Doubters, Blasphemers, Charlatans...and Babies - 1

Dear Ann, Some of the comments to yesterday’s post had coffee coming out of my nose. Others had me blushing. Others gave me ridiculous, pompous, self-aggrandizing ideas. Which of course I am considering very seriously. So let’s deal with them in order shall we? Doubters There have been many mentions of the ends on the back of the intarsia. How very horrifying they must be, how we are afraid to imagine them let alone look at...

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Warning: Extreme Graphic Intarsia (Mature Audiences)

Warning:  Extreme Graphic Intarsia (Mature Audiences) - 1

Dear Ann, Intarsia is one of those techniques that is not so much in vogue these days. (Or in Vogue, for that matter.) You got your lace, your cable, your fair-isling in all directions and dimensions, but you don’t see a lot of cool new intarsia designs. (Important exception: skull and crossbones motifs. Those are classic. Those we will always, always keep alive in Our Craft.) About 10 years ago, as a fairly new knitter, I...

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On Irregularity and the Rejection of Certain Notions

On Irregularity and the Rejection of Certain Notions - 1

Dear Kay, I don’t often write here about Hubbo, mostly because he likes to keep a low profile. I’m not saying he works for the CIA, or the NSA, or Wal-Mart, even. But he may be the last human who can qualify to be attorney general; he’s upstanding, he is. He is literally upstanding, too, about 6’3″ of upstanding, which is why (I’m embarrassed to say) I’ve never made a sweater for him. The problem with...

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