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A Tribute to the Ten Pound Losers

A Tribute to the Ten Pound Losers - 1

Dear Kay, A quick moment to pay tribute to one of the most brave, stalwart, and persistent groups you will ever find–and no, I’m not talking about all you Nashville parents trying to help your kids go sledding in a half inch of snow. I’m talking, of course, about the Ten Pound Losers group over at Ravelry. Back in September, this group was formed after some amount of wailing on Twitter about the desire to lose ten pounds....

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Dye, Dye Enu

Dye, Dye Enu - 1

Dear Ann, Passover is upon the House of Kay. My brisket is a-braising, my dried fruit compote is a-stewing, and my Streit’s matzohs are as dry and boardy as the boxes they come in. My favorite culinary moment so far came when I got a text from a friend in search of a good non-potato kugel recipe. Thanks to AutoCorrect, I bragged to her about my Fearful Stuffing. (I meant “farfel”: look it up.) We shall forevermore call...

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Cloudy Sunday

Cloudy Sunday - 1

Dear Kay, Sunday is just about the best thing there is, don’t you think? I’ve been watching stuff pop up around the house. 1. Popovers The most fun you can have with flour, milk, eggs, and salt. Here’s a recipe that is just about the same as the New York Times Cookbook recipe I used. There are all these superfussy recipes, what with the warm-up-the-cream-not-milk, the use-a-cast-iron-pan, don’t-use-all-purpose-flour...

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Hanukkah: The Blogumentary

Hanukkah:  The Blogumentary - 4

Dear Ann, My knitting continues in a scarfcentric drone, meaning I’ve made another one, but even I am sick of blogging about scarves. Aw, I’m lying. In truth, today the light is not good enough to capture the FRESH WONDER of my latest scarf tribute. I will hold back nothing. You shall see my new scarf and rejoice, ‘She scarfs yet!’ Meanwhile, we have been celebrating Hanukkah these past three nights, mostly with...

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Permanent - 1

The sun is going down smoking A flaming testament Something has been broken And it feels permanent —from “Beachcombing”, Mark Knopfler

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