If you’re Rhinebeck bound, we would love to see you at Jill Draper’s studio in Kingston on Saturday night. Details here.

Rhinebeck Dos and Don’ts

Dear Ann, Not to rub your nose in it, but I’ll be heading up to Rhinebeck, on Sunday this year. It makes me laugh to remember that when I first heard about the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, maybe 15 years ago, I thought to myself, “Phew–at least I’m not so deep into this knitting thing that I’ll ever even THINK of going to a sheep festival. Those people must be NUTS.” And now, Rhinebeck is right up...

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Road to Rhinebeck Knitting: Free Pattern

Road to Rhinebeck Knitting:  Free Pattern - 1

Dear Ann, As knitters of the Northeast block their Rhinebeck sweaters (or upgrade their Rhinebeck Sweater to a Thanksgiving Sweater), I’d like to be helpful. A free pattern will come in handy for anyone who has the good fortune of having two skeins of delicious Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 4 ply fall into her stash, perhaps even at Rhinebeck. It’s an easy-to-memorize, fun-to-work stitch pattern that looks like a cable yet is...

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Last-Minute Schmatta (Free Pattern)

Last-Minute Schmatta (Free Pattern) - 1

Dear Ann, Here’s a free pattern for holiday gifting and December TV-watching. This is not rocket-science knitting. This is git-r-done while watching a movie on Netflix knitting. But every civilian who sees it wants one, so I think that makes it a good Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Thank You For Teaching My Kid gift. It’s called Schmatta, which in yiddish means “rag.” To me it does not have a connotation of abject...

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Brisket, Teevee, and the Ever-Roaming DVD

Brisket, Teevee, and the Ever-Roaming DVD - 1

Dear Kay, First of all, I am going to flat-out brag about the fact that I have a brisket in the oven, at 9:30 in the morning. I can’t really remember the last time I did something like this. “Cooking” “supper.” I have been melting, and reconstituting, and microwaving all summer. At some point, slicing a tomato ceases to count as cooking when there’s no entree to go with it. The love of a new cookbook can...

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Lifestyles of the Stitchin’ Famous (and Free Pattern!)

Lifestyles of the Stitchin' Famous (and Free Pattern!) - 1

Dear Ann, In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been vamping here, recycling pictures of my dog and such; I have mislaid the KayCam. But wanted to fill you in on Last Night At Martha’s Party. Martha (yes, that Martha, do I have to post a link to cussin’ Martha?) threw a party for bloggers in honor of a BlogHer hootenanny that was going on that I didn’t know about, and she was kind enough to invite me, so I went. It...

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