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Back on the Mountain; And, A Provocative Lecture

Back on the Mountain; And, A Provocative Lecture - 1

Dear Kay, Yoohoo! I’m over here! So sorry to be out of touch, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been a) knitting, b) thinking about making things, or c) disconnected from the Internet, because Gawd knows that I cannot live without the electronic IV of twitchyjuice, even if I’m up on the Cumberland Plateau. Many things to discuss, so many. But the thing most on my mind this morning is the field trip I took last night with...

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All Kinds of Mess

All Kinds of Mess - 1

Dear Kay, I really do have to apologize for my long silence on the correspondence front. I’ve got my wi-fi set, the iced tea is flowing, and the knitting is now coming along at a regular pace. These blanket squares are, unfortunately for you, going to be the menu for a while. So addicting! So many ends! But this stashbuster is already looking like it’s going to require more yarn in certain colors. That I have to, like, buy. Which is...

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Attention Yarn Shoppers of Middle Tennessee

Attention Yarn Shoppers of Middle Tennessee - 1

Dear Kay, A quick note to invite one and all up to the Monteagle Assembly on Wednesday, July 23, for the annual cottage tour and bazaar. I mention this because a) I’m in charge of the thing and I am getting a little nervous about it. But more important, b) there will be one fiberlicious booth among the 31 vendors with a beautiful range of lovely yarns and handcrafts. Sewanee resident and author of Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters and the...

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Dateline: Monteagle, July 4 edition

Dateline: Monteagle, July 4 edition - 1

Dear Kay, It’s 5:07 am, and I was awakened by the racket of every bird on this mountain. I was lying in bed, minding my own business, when this one really naggy-sounding bird let it fly from what sounded like two feet away from my head. Now, it wasn’t in the room as I had thought as I woke up thinking Bird In My Room, but it woke me up so thoroughly that now I am in deviled egg mode. I need to get deviled eggs ready before...

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A Contest AND a Free Pattern

A Contest AND a Free Pattern - 1

Dear Kay, Well, Buffy bid a hale ‘n’ hearty farewell, taking her kids, her sixteen binders of schoolteacher stuff, and the Buffy Pantry which goes with her wherever she travels. The Pantry is a cardboard box containing all the necessities of life. Let’s just say: the likelihood that she would run out of Carnation Instant Breakfast while visiting me = zero point zero. As MobileCom Buffy faded in the distance, I prepared the...

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