If you’re Rhinebeck-bound, we would love to see you at Jill Draper’s studio in Kingston on Saturday night–details here.

4 Handmade Things I Bought Yesterday


Dear Kay, What a DAY. Scored all sorts of treasure at the bazaar here at the Assembly. It was a cavalcade of crafting, a melange of making. The concept of “shop local” was deep in my heart, given that the bazaar takes place maybe 100 yards from my cottage. Any more local, and it’d be in my kitchen. The real fun, of course, was talking to these folks. Craft No. 1: Crochet Our longtime knitting friend Sallie Swor has a new...

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Ann’s House: Yarn Tour


Dear Ann, It’s the morning after a real knitting bender at Casa Shayne. From Friday through Sunday, every bunk had a knitter in it, and it was nonstop knittin’ and chattin’ from sunup to nightcap. Every day, sometime after breakfast and Morning Knitting, we all headed off to Opryland to get lost for a while finding and re-finding the Stitches South market in the world’s largest hotel and indoor river. But even at Stitches...

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Bread, Milk, Noro: Check!


Dear Kay, I barely got to the store in time to lay in provisions for the icy storm predicted last night. And by store I mean yarn store. Having already cleared Haus of Yarn of its most juicy Silk Garden (aka Stage One of this blanket), I bravely headed south to Bliss Yarns, located in the wilds of Brentwood, for Stage Two (aka Rilly You Don’t Have Enough Of This Stuff?). At this point I’ve got 15 squares done and decided on the spot...

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