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Southernness: The Oxford American versus Garden & Gun–PLUS A GIVEAWAY!

Southernness: The Oxford American versus Garden & Gun--PLUS A GIVEAWAY! - 1

Dear Kay, Thanks for all the questions about the Garden & Gun magazine now currently residing in a busted window of the kitchen. You all got me thinking about that magazine, which got me to thinking about Southernness, and why it is that I feel the need to revisit the never-ending conundrum of how I can stand living in a region that so often drives me wild with frustration and irritation. I love the South! I despise it! A recent magazine...

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Home Improvements

Home Improvements - 1

Dear Kay, FINALLY. Take a look to the right. In the interest of building a better blog, we now have Google providing insta-translation in 45 different languages. Croatian, Filipino, all kinds of things. Hebrew, Kay! Yiddish! I’m curious to hear from anyone who’s multilingual: just how peculiar does all this sound when translated by a computer? (As opposed to just plain old English peculiar, I mean.) So go ahead: one world,...

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