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I’ve Come Over All Tutorial

I've Come Over All Tutorial - 1

Dear Ann, My applied i-cord adventures continue. Applied i-cord is the new dishrag. If it doesn’t move, you really ought to apply some i-cord to it. A reader asks (and she’s not the only one): “What do you do when you get to a corner?” I’ll tell you what I do: I stop. I wonder why I didn’t foresee this problem even once during the previous 6 feet of i-cord application. I consider getting up off my...

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I Believe In Applied I-Cord (and Eli Manning)

I Believe In Applied I-Cord (and Eli Manning) - 1

Dear Ann, I do not know how I lived, and knit, this long without embracing applied i-cord. Applied i-cord has it going ON. It’s a RUSH. Applied I-Cord: How I Roll To work an applied i-cord edging of 4 stitches, using 2 straight needles: Cast on 4 stitches and place this needle in your right hand. Pick up one stitch in the edge to which you are applying the i-cord and place it on the left needle, *slip the 4 stitches onto the left...

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