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Bang Out a Sweater Knitalong: A Quick Stopover


Dear Ann, I love a knitalong. A knitalong is an opportunity for a band of hardy souls to roll up their sleeves and dig into a pattern, parse it good and proper, and debate the details along the way, from cast-on to finishing.  A knitalong can result in refinements and even modifications to a pattern, as knitters work out their individual preferences for construction techniques and fit. Knitalongs can go on for weeks or even months of...

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The Three Tube Situation

3tube hero

Dear Ann, Yesterday I posted an instagram of my current LIP (lopapeysa in progress), as you do. Susan S piped up to request my tips on lopapeysa construction. Specifically, she wanted to know how the sleeves and body get joined up into a unified garment so that the colorwork yoke can be knitted on in the round. Someone else joined in, testifying that she had been deterred from knitting a lopapeysa when she saw some pithy pattern instructions on...

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