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Undelivered Handknit

Undelivered Handknit - 1

Dear everyone, Thank you all for checking in, wondering where we have been these past couple of weeks. Kay has blasted off on a mission to the land of Liberty prints, pet rabbits named Iman, and much-needed fun. I am so dead jealous that I surf hotel listings in London. Kay, I am there with you on your travels. (You can see what Kay’s seeing in her Twitter feed down in the right-hand column below.) As for me, I’ve been on a mission...

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Palate Cleanser

Palate Cleanser - 1

Dear Kay, It has been an interesting morning. I had a great phone conversation with a friend about the nature of church, which at our church is quite a topic at the moment. We discussed the nature of men, which is also quite a topic. And we discussed marriage, which is ALWAYS one of my favorite topics. We were pondering the question of why men cheat on the women they are still married to. Cheat really is a great word to describe the whole...

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