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Eyeballs on His Hipbones, or, Jack White at the Grammys

Eyeballs on His Hipbones, or, Jack White at the Grammys - 1

Dear Kay, Deb is wondering what we thought of Jack White’s performance at the Grammys. Great. Compulsively over the top–if you’ve got two bands, you’re going to use them. But great. I mostly spent my time thinking about Jack White’s amazing suit with rhinestone peacock feathers all over it. Paris may have Chanel, but here in Nashville the greatest couturier is Manuel, who has been outfitting musicians in handmade...

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Why I Love Blogging, Chapter 1,312

Why I Love Blogging, Chapter 1,312 - 1

Dear Ann, We’ve “amen”-ed each other many times on this principle, but it bears repeating: the best thing about blogging is the comments. You never know exactly what you are going to get, but after 9 years, you know you are going to get some good ones. With thanks to Naomi for making my day, I reprint the following two comments in their entirety. NAOMI’S COMMENT Hmm – Jack White… I’m not sure I...

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Winning! - 1

Dear Ann, So, today is what I call Monday Plus One, and I did the random drawing. The winners of a copy of Wearwithall are Mary (whose email address starts with “goodmary”) and Angela (whose email address starts with “matangoconnor”). I’ve emailed the winners for their mailing addresses. Congrats and enjoy, Mary and Angela! Everybody else, if you want to show these independent designers some love, you can buy...

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I’m Back, and I’m Organized

I'm Back, and I'm Organized - 1

Dear Ann, I see that while I was away, you had the FREAKIN’ AWESOME IDEA to make a Jack White Shrine in the Form of a Sweater.* I think that in some states this is called Stalking and is a Class B Felony. But perhaps in Nashville, chasing a public figure with bizarre knitting is considered Fan Mail. As you know from working with me in the past, I am a detail-oriented person, an absolute fiend for organizing and prioritizing. (HA!) ...

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