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Feverish Knitting

Feverish Knitting - 1

Dear Kay, Fiber Arts Boy has the flu. Big fever tonight, feeling as crumby as a leftover Pop-Tart. It’s so hard to watch a seven year old feel terrible. I’ve been knitting bedside most of the day, a little delirious myself. Thank God for stockinette and Motrin. Love, Ann PS I continue to be amazed by the entries we’re receiving for the Ultrafestive Holiday Contest. Thank you ALL for writing. I wish I had a hundred bales of...

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Design Seminar

Design Seminar - 1

Dear Kay, I’m in a fever, and the only prescription is more KNITTING. A fambly member this Thanksgiving admired this trio of Jo Sharp DK enough that she WINS IT. I’m going to knit her a sweater, little does she know. A couple of questions: 1. Will this sweater, the unabashedly stripey Punch from Rowan 27, work using only three colors instead of five? 2. Here’s the pullover version of Punch. I like the arm stripe pattern of...

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