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On Knitting Badly

On Knitting Badly - 1

Dear Kay, I hesitate to write this, because I worry that it’s going to send knitters running away from Fair Isle knitting with their hands over their heads. I’m going to lay it all out for you anyway, because sometimes, you just have to own it when something doesn’t go well. This is not a pretty tale. A number of weeks ago, my knitting mojo departed, swiftly and completely. Is that my knitting mojo walking down my driveway?...

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Solid-Gold Midwinter Survival Tips

Solid-Gold Midwinter Survival Tips - 1

Dear Kay, As the bleak midwinter descends, I’d like to share some solid-gold survival tips that get me through. Tip No. 1: Humidity. Go to the drugstore, past the bunion aids and the section known as Digestion, and set yourself up with one of those cheapass steam humidifiers. I know you’re going to resist this, but listen: once you’ve had a few nights of sleep with your SteamMaster 2000 filling your room with tropical air,...

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Beach Knitting Blowup, and a Contest

Beach Knitting Blowup, and a Contest - 1

Dear Kay, Let’s begin with a view of a seaside paradise, because today’s story is just terrible–a real heartbreaker and by heartbreaker I mean mildly irritating knitting experience. That’s Chalk Sound up there, in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, where we all decamped for a week that will go down in history as the Shayne family’s least productive week ever. No, we didn’t snorkel or scuba or catamaran or...

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Vote with Your Dollars

Vote with Your Dollars - 1

Dear Kay, I have GOT to stay away from the Twitter. Yesterday, Julia lobbed out a link to a pattern that she declared to be a redemption of the dreaded snowflake sweater. I instantly investigated, being in the throes of snowflake fever thanks to Brenda and her avalanche of crocheted snowflakes. (A few flakes remain if you hurry over there.) What I discovered is Kate Davies’s brand-spanking-new pattern, Boreal. She introduced it YESTERDAY,...

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