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Wild (Cat) Kingdom


Dear Ann, I love this #helpfulknittingcats thing that you and your fellow cat fanciers have started. You know what I love about cats? They’re so diverse. There are fluffy cats. There are not-so-fluffy cats, with ears like tulips. There is the Lord of the Fluffy Cats, Loki. (Scroll down. You can’t miss him.) There are discriminating cats in formal attire. I certainly enjoy sharing knitting time with my own cat. Gosh, I’m a...

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February Is Shake Your Bon-Bon Month


Dear Kay, January’s Get Rid of 50 Things a Day project was basically a success, in the sense that I feel better about 1,500 things not being inside my house anymore. It was not perfect, by any means–I never did go into the basement. I may never go into the basement. And the toy closet was a shattering reckoning I hope never to repeat. But I did discover that I have pretty much a lifetime supply of books I haven’t read. If we...

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Cat Trouble

Cat Trouble - 1

Dear Kay, I don’t even know what to say. I come into my knitting lair this morning and I find Kermit the 18-pound wonder cat, gnawing on my freakin’ yarn. Total sabotage, right under my nose! Cat spit all over my precious precious Rowan Donegal Lambswool. Like he’s sick of the thing already, wants me to move on. Hey cat–I don’t eat your creepy chicken-flavored cat treats; you don’t eat my yarn. What’s...

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olive and kermit thank you all

olive and kermit thank you all - 1

dear everybody oliv and i thank u for yer contributionz to Haiti. oliv haz a big headache at the moment becuz the elastic on the fairy princess crown that the big lady put on her has cut into her neck circulation but she sez it wuz wurth it and shed do it agin, ackshully my own personal feeling is that this terabul crisis in haiti is gong to go on fer a long time so dont make this a onetime deal heres where to give money to SQUIRRL got to run...

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Olive and Kermit’s Give-Money-to-Haiti Blogathon

Olive and Kermit's Give-Money-to-Haiti Blogathon - 1

Dear everybody, Yes, there’s a telethon tonight, Hope for Haiti, that will be broadcast on every channel in the known universe. No, George Clooney did NOT call to ask if we wanted to participate. He hasn’t called in, like, OK ever. But that’s OK. We are proud to announce that the two biggest stars in our firmament, Kay’s dog Olive and and Ann’s cat Kermit, have joined forces to raise money for Haiti. The fluffy...

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