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The Wrestler

The Wrestler - 1

Dear Kay, At this point, this Rowan Pearl sweater has turned into something akin to backyard wrestling. I’m totally punch drunk, just adding flaps of stuff wherever the pattern tells me to, whacking the thing with a folding chair. I’m in the twelfth round with this sweater. At any moment, I’m getting out the staple gun and the barbed wire. For those keeping track, the collar took a whole ball of Rowan Wool Cotton, once I...

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Sleevebound - 1

Dear Kay, Hope you’re surviving the BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY or whatever it is the Weather Channel guy keeps trying to convince us about. We had our own shocking snow event here the other night: the almost-an-inch has us shut us down to the point that we’re living off our leftover 9/11 supplies–I mean, Progresso soups NEVER EXPIRE, do they? Clif managed to go snow skating even when there wasn’t technically any snow left...

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Sabotage!!!!!!! - 1

Dear Kay, At this point, my Rowan Pearl sweater is done and undone. I am slogging through the sleeves, which are nothing but an endless series of leaning cables–a real pair of soul suckers if anybody’s looking for a Lenten discipline. In the interest of Doing Something Else To Cut The Tedium, I decided to get ahead of the game with a stout, boot-camp style blocking of the fronts and backs. You know: a multi-day marathon to get these...

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I Can Has Helping Yur Cablz

I Can Has Helping Yur Cablz - 1

Dear Kay, Motoring along here on Rowan 32’s Pearl. This will be a quick note today because I’m still suffering the aftereffects of leaving another movie in the middle because it was so appalling. [WARNING: The Wrestler SPOILER ALERT and also some gruesome imagery ahead, so skip ahead to the cat playing on the handknits if you’re as squeamish as I am.] Yesterday, a galpal who shall remain nameless because she was seen at the...

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Stop Me Before I Swatch Again

Stop Me Before I Swatch Again - 1

Dear Ann, Ever since I discovered Euroflax linen yarn last week at Downtown Yarns, I have cast my WIPs to the winds (well, I didn’t exactly have to CAST your Olive cardi to the winds; the jetstream has carried it across the Atlantic by this point) so I could swatch for the perfect shawl pattern. It’s been a Journey of Flax Discovery. First I wanted to make one of the shawls in the Summer 2004 issue of Interweave Knits. Although I...

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