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End-of-School Feeling

End-of-School Feeling - 1

Dear Kay, Oh, for pity’s sake, what a week it has been. It’s the cat, I’m telling you. I’ve been spending a lot of time in our garage and driveway, sitting and watching our cat be sick. I haven’t written here about Kitty Wells, our raven-haired cat of twelve years, but today I have to write because it’s Elegy Day for this beloved pet. Kitty has consumed my thoughts during this most challenging of weeks known...

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OK, You Asked for It

OK, You Asked for It - 1

Dear Kay, Here’s Kitty when she’s not sitting on the sweater you knit for me: She adores my new sweater really, really a lot. I need to knit a little something for her so she won’t burrow into your fab knitting. Remember: cat pix every day until you start uploading Kay’s World . . . 8 ) x0x0x0xx0 PS The shoe collection is another matter entirely. I can stomach taking pictures of my cat, but if anybody caught me lining...

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