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Seamless Knitting: False Idol or True Religion?


Dear Ann, I must have eaten my Wheaties this morning or something, because I’m feeling feisty. I have that urge to stir the pot, step back and watch people scream. Not really: I have simply had a Personal Insight. And that insight is that I do not like to knit small tubes, such as sleeves, in the round, and I’m not going to do it anymore. Let’s review the pros and cons. But remember, this is a *Personal* insight. I am not...

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Clip & Save: Tips on Knitting Cowls in the Round


Dear Ann: Let’s get this out of the way:  when I say “cowls in the round,” I mean only one cowl, my beloved Honey Cowl. I have lost count of how many Honey Cowls I have knit. There is always someone who wants one, or wants another one. They are the perfect combination of style and practicality in the handknit accessory category. There is nothing very challenging about knitting a Honey Cowl–it’s a 2-row pattern and...

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You Want Lightning? I’ll Show you Lightning!

You Want Lightning? I'll Show you Lightning! - 1

Dear Ann: Having just posted 20 minutes ago, I am refreshed and energized and ready to post again! BLOGGING MAKE HULK STRONG! HULK HAVE OPINIONS! HULK SMASH HONEY COWL HERESIES! Really, it’s just that somebody just asked a question in our comments on the previous post, about the Honey Cowl. If you think I am opinionated about Lance Armstrong, it’s nothing compared to my opinionatedness on the Honey Cowl. Here is the...

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