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Sudden Outbreak of Quiet Good Taste

Sudden Outbreak of Quiet Good Taste - 1

Dear Ann, We were sposed to get a whale of a Historic Three-Incher last night, but it has come to naught so far. (I wouldn’t have put it past the school to declare a Wet Day, but they didn’t.) I’m heading for the airport and I’ll be seeing you soon. Don’t linger too long knitting at the library–we’ve got work to do! They’ve listed Book 2 on Amazon, woman. We better finish the book. When not...

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MDK Rule #783: Love Your Gear

MDK Rule #783: Love Your Gear - 1

Dear Kay, In the course of making the Print o’ the Wave lace shawl, I was plagued by a constant jonesing for the right needle. You really want a pointy needle for the k2togs and the k3togs, but even an Addi Turbo seemed too blunt. I wanted a NEEDLE. I kept hearing about the Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles. I have some Denise interchangeables, which are good, but nobody’s calling them pointy. Crippled at the daunting...

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Late-Night Thoughts While Blocking a Shawl

Late-Night Thoughts While Blocking a Shawl - 1

Dear Kay, I finished the Print o’ the Wave stole! Snipsnap in a jiffy I cranked the final foot of the border. Something 18 stitches wide just isn’t that much knitting, you know? This little project has been a revelation–if you do 90% of a project, get disgusted, put it away for eight weeks, then return to it, the whole thing seems like a PRESENT. You mean, if I just do this crummy little border, then I’ll get a whole...

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Surrender, Dorothy?

Surrender, Dorothy? - 1

Dear Kay, Here’s how bad it is: I ran into a civilian reader of the blog, somebody who is a) a male and b) does not knit. (No, I don’t know what’s bringing him here except maybe he’s a Jack White fan? Loves felted containers? Looking to meet women?) Before “Hello” or “My, you’re looking even more like Julia Roberts than usual today,” he says, “So. Are you just not writing the blog...

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Underachievers Unite!

Underachievers Unite! - 1

Dear Ann, There you go again, making all of us non-Meadors feel inadequate because we have not sculpted our daddies’ heads in Crisco, let alone a transfat-free spread. Thanks a lot! Seriously, what a touching picture of The Seven. Congratulations on pulling off such a mega-event. Up here, things are in a sad state of No Knitting Fun. I don’t know if this ever happens to you, Ms. Print of the Wave, but I am in a vicious cycle of...

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