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Top o’ the Stole to Ye

Top o' the Stole to Ye - 1

Dear Kay, I’ve got a FEVER, and the only cure is more KNITTING. I’ve been motoring through this Print o’ the Wave stole, and I keep it in the back of my mind all day long. It’s actually been a while since I forgot to feed my children because of knitting, so I’m happy to report that I’m back to my old, terrible habits. At my gauge (I’m using #5 needles with this), it looks to be more of a Print o’...

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Truth #4: Give Your Handknits to People on Painkillers

Truth #4: Give Your Handknits to People on Painkillers - 1

Dear Kay, You know, it was just delicious to be away, wasn’t it? It made me realize how important travel is, how refreshing it is to be in a different place, to make that phone call home and have your son say to you, “Hi Mom. I can’t really talk–I gotta go shoot off the homemade fireworks we made.” I managed to F an O during the odyssey to San Diego. I’ve been cranking on a Kiri shawl for a beloved pal who is...

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Tale of Two Kiris

Tale of Two Kiris - 1

Dear Ann, I wasn’t going to blog about this because it’s kind of weird, but maybe that’s why I should blog about it. Here goes: I appear to have knit two Kiris. Well, almost two. Kiri The First I made it to the 10th repeat (of 12) (they get longer with each repeat, did I mention that?). I was almost home. But bad knitting karma was just sucking the joy out of it for me. I kept making Mistakes of Inattention and Mistakes...

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Fluffernutter* - 1

Dear Ann, I just can’t let well enough alone. In my last post, I set everything up perfectly. I hoped and expected that the voters would be kind, and that I would be knitting up Kiri in absorbent, summer-friendly Euroflax Linen. The people spoke, and they spoke overwhelmingly in favor of the Easy Way Out (although there was a strong and vocal minority pointing out that the Easy Way Out was not very character-building, that I am a wimp...

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And Now For Something Completely Different

And Now For Something Completely Different - 1

Dear Ann, Mary B of Richmond, who graces our comments and Found Objects on a regular basis, is a modest and dignified mother of two. She does not claim to have invented the dubious practice known as “showing the sock a good time”; that distinction lies elsewhere. But I will go out on a limb and say that Mary B may well have perfected the art. I will let the evidence speak for itself. The following photos are from Mary’s...

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