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Field Test: Euroflax Linen Yarn


Dear Kay, Twelve years later, I am back with my report on the durability of Euroflax linen yarn. What I am about to report may astonish you—indeed it astonishes me even as I gaze at the photographic proof. No filters, no retouching. Take a look. This isn’t one of those wimpy Consumer Reports laboratory tests. This is the real deal: twelve punishing years of hard and regular use of handknit items in an environment that can only be...

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A Valentine to Linen

A Valentine to Linen - 1

Dear Ann, My wild infatuation with All Things Cauchy continues. If you like watching people work (a particular love of mine, and I’m not even kidding), if you like bread, if you like flax, if you like/hate opinionated Frenchmen, well, go watch these videos. The second one really puts the Euro in flax. “It’s a fiber you have a relationship with.” In my case, a longterm, very exciting relationship. Sort of a...

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Stop! In the Name of Love

Stop!  In the Name of Love - 1

Dear Ann, Why hello there, Ms. Bespoke Couture Knittin’, Ms. Oh That Lil’ Ol’ Reverse Stockinette Facing Under The Collar?–That’s a Dressmaker Detail To Hide Any Unsightliness, Ms. I Am Concerned About Cables Meeting Under the Arms. We humble dishrag-crankers salute you. We’re not worthy! We don’t know from cables–we don’t know from underarms, for that matter. We stick to our square...

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Still At It

Still At It - 1

Dear Ann, I am in a flow state about knitting Sean Scully paintings. My condition can only be described as Cara-esque. Over the weekend, reader pal Kelly fed the flames by sending me a booklet from a recent Scully show at Dartmouth in which the painter comments on a series of paintings going back to the beginning of his 30-year plus focus on stripes. I like to think that as a knitter with a strong (ahem) “focus” on garter...

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St. Somebody

St. Somebody - 1

Dear Ann, This just in: the eBay auction for Oliver’s Recycled De-Raffled Blanket has ended. The winning bid of $960.00 took my breath away, but it was just not good enough for the anonymous buyer, who rounded up her payment to a nice $1000–tossing in a lagniappe in honor of the knitters who contributed squares for Oliver. I hope it goes with her sofa! I know I will miss seeing it on my dotty chair. I’m renewing my...

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