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Near Miss, Four Hits, and a Torcon 9 Craft Project

Near Miss, Four Hits, and a Torcon 9 Craft Project - 1

Dear Kay, Yesterday’s tornadoes apparently filled a month’s quota on tornadoes for the United States, awful in every way. We in Nashville were lucky to dodge the worst of it, though we did get a midafternoon dose of crazy that resulted in a) quality time in our basement, b) hail the size of golf balls, so remarkable that Facebook erupted in pix of amazed Nashvillian hands displaying huge pearls of the stuff, and c) such widespread...

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Blankets on a Hill

Dear Ann, Tuesday night’s knitting party (erm, “class”) in Nashville was so dang fun. One sweet moment for me was when Yolanda showed me an album of photos that Liz Thomas had taken of log cabin blankets that Yolanda had made for her three little boys in Kentucky. I begged her to get me a link so I could share them. Warning: These photos may cause a viewer to cast on a log cabin blanket. Or produce a a darling little boy. ...

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The Ears Don’t Lie

The Ears Don't Lie - 1

Dear Olive, Don’t get me wrong. I love it when you help me make up the bed. I know it’s a lot more fun for you than the knitting. And better exercise! All that huffing and puffing and stretching. There’s nothing like bed linens that are fresh and clean clean clean, right down to the mattress cover. And it’s so helpful to have a companion for this job. You’re here for me, babe, every step of the way, and I...

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National Frog Something Day

National Frog Something Day - 1

Dear Ann, I declare today, June 9, to be my own personal Frog Something Day. I’ve virtually frogged two projects! That’s at least 2 years worth of Coming To Terms With Reality, for me. Usually when I’m knitting something and it’s not working out, the project gets put aside for a minute and then, like something on the ID Channel, it’s never heard from again. These projects are not ever coming back to me, but I...

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Where to Knit in……NYC

Where to Knit in......NYC - 1

Dear Ann, Once in a while I discover a great new place to knit in public, and I gotta share: Bull Moose Dog Run, Theodore Roosevelt Park, New York, New York What it has going for it (apart from the hilarious name): Sunny but also shady; dappled light makes for great stitch definition. Ample benches for ample knitters, and also for knitting bags and any equipment you’re hauling from Little League. The gravel may get stuck in your...

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