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Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe - 1

(Zitron Trekking XXL, color 100! These were my first socks!) Dear everybody, As I sat in our hotel room in London on New Year’s Eve, watching the boys watch the World Dart Championships (Phil “The Power” Taylor is a god, if you ask me), I thought about the year that was passing by. I had just had a tasty glass of champagne in the lobby with Anna, who is not only a brilliant knitter but also a great person to drink champagne...

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London: Places

London: Places - 1

Dear Kay, The human hand is always at work–making a bracket for the lantern, shaping the rail. Can’t leave well enough alone; must decorate, must slap some Extra on there. At the V & A: Might as well put a heroic guy on the corner. Somebody’s going to be looking up here. Tower of London: Deceptively cheerful. Military officers still live within the walls of the castle, I’m told. I didn’t know quite what to...

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London: People

London: People - 1

Dear Kay, We’ll start with the tragedy of our fambly trip to London. The guy at Heathrow took my needles. I should have expected it, given the generally freaked-out state of transatlantic air travel these days. But after flying with needles for five years without a problem, I was crabby. “Listen, mister, I hope you realize that by taking this pair of size 6 needles you are WRECKING MY TIDY LITTLE SET OF KNITPICKS OPTIONS...

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Museum Quality

Dear Ann, My dear, can you hear my posh British accent coming at you through the computer screen? Rally, old thing, I’d be obliged if you’d get your skates on and go over to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s website where you will see, among the precious artifacts painstakingly catalogued therein, my little ole knitting. You think I’m pulling your leg don’t you. Well go on–check it out. Here, we have the...

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