Modern Lopi: The Latest in Icelandic Knitting


Dear Ann, As you know, I’m a superfan of the traditional Icelandic sweater, or lopapeysa. I like the sturdy structure of lopapeysas, how quickly they come together, and how great–how actually happy–they look on people of every age, size and body type. To wear a lopapeysa is to say to the world, “I am wearing a loud graphic sweater and I feel just great about life.” (Two of my greatest hits, Riddari and Verur. No...

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Snippets: Things We Are Loving a Lot


Dear Kay, Hats for Syrian Refugees: Lots of hats are being knitted that will find their way to Munich, where many refugees have landed. Designer Laura Nelkin’s Ravelry group is very active in this effort, has two shipments already in the pipeline with hundreds of hats. (These are her hats below.) We all know that a hat is one of the quickest knits, so grab a skein of something warm and add to the pile. Details on how to participate are...

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Why We Knit

Why We Knit - 1

Dear Ann, I finished my second Riddari Icelandic pullover the other day. Today the Riddari girls got together, and I took some iPhone pictures in bad winter 6 p.m. light. Maggie and Carrie. When you’re 16, getting matching, classic handknit sweaters is pretty exciting stuff. Yes it is. Honest! It so is! I promise you that I am going to make these girls braid their hair into odd shapes, put on sparkly makeup and run around in the woods...

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Where Is Kay?!

Where Is Kay?! - 1

Dear everybody, I have been receiving the occasional email, Tweet, and Instagram from Kay in recent days, but something is definitely UP. She keeps using words like “office carpet” and “salad for lunch” and even the word cubicle NOT in reference to a knitted blanket. The good news is that she HAS been sending along photos of handknits in progress, namely Volume 2 in her four-volume series called Icelandic Sweaters For...

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When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide - 1

Dear Ann, So, in the Small World Department, this is not like having THERESA REBECK IN MY HOUSE or anything, but it’s all I got. (By the way, that “having people in my house” thing is something you do with such elan, whereas I freak out and run around plumping cushions in terror if the neighbor rings the doorbell to borrow some printer paper. What is your secret? I always think, we’ll have a party in this apartment real...

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