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Snippets: Handy Holiday Hats


Dear Ann: I hate to be the one to bring this up, but the holidays are approaching. It’s true: they are approaching, whether I bring them up or not. Every year, I take the pledge not to embark on a holiday knitting voyage of doom, and every year around December 15, I break it. I get caught up in the Christmas knitting spirit, and before long I’m all intense and pressurized about it (and having a fantastic time). Kristin’s hat...

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Snow Day

Snow Day - 1

Dear Ann, You may have heard: we got some snow. Naturally, my first thought was to activate the KayCam. Union Square Park was like a big backyard. A backyard whose lawn ornaments, which include statues of Lincoln and Ghandi and this amazing flagpole, cannot be beat. Given the price of a square foot of land, though, the snowmen here tend to run kind of small. In more snow news, I laid Checker, which is going to be delivered to the lucky...

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