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Teeny Project Runway: It’s Time to Vote

Dear everybody, WELCOME TO THE RUNWAY! The teeny weeny runway, that is. We are proud, humbled, and awed to present the entries in Mason-Dixon Knitting’s Teeny Project Runway. (If you are just now joining us, here’s the story of what the heck we’re doing here. If, on the other hand, you’ve been waiting impatiently to see this slide show of garments knitted for stuffed animals, figurines, and taxidermy, well, you’re...

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Teeny Project Runway: A Contest!

Teeny Project Runway: A Contest! - 1

Dear beloved nutcase readers, Kay and I are proud to announce the first-ever Teeny Project Runway. Background I had a revelation last week during a spasm of knitting for fake chickens to decorate the cast party cake for Second Grade Puppet Show. As I sat there, frantically cooking up outfits for fake chickens, I watched Project Runway, mesmerized as ever. I realized that I had found a way to wallow in the joy of designing clothes. For teeny...

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Sheep, Potential Alien Encounters, and Woad

Sheep, Potential Alien Encounters, and Woad - 1

Dear Kay, Let’s discuss this New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. I’ve never been to Rhinebeck before, so I’m really excited. Here is a list of who will be appearing at the Festival’s Meet the Authors event, Sunday, Oct. 21, 11:30-2:30 pm in something called Tent City. It’ll be like a Boy Scout Jamboree! I can’t wait to meet all the authors who are going to be appearing. Kristin Nocholas will be there! Do...

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Takin’ Time to Make Time

Takin' Time to Make Time - 1

Dear Kay, I am having a Dusty Springfield kind of morning. “Son of a Preacher Man”–come ON, now. What more could you ever, ever want in a song? That video of her makes me CRY, it’s so great. Also weeping with joy at the election of Nashville’s new mayor, Karl Dean. This makes three mayors in a row who didn’t grow up here. Speaking as somebody who did grow up here, I can tell you that the city seems to do best...

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See! The World’s Most Comprehensive Wrist Warmers!

See! The World's Most Comprehensive Wrist Warmers! - 1

Dear Kay, A virtual postcard from tragically blogless Anna-the-patent-lawyer in London. Look: a Perfect Sweater in St. James’s Park! There’s the London Eye back there, and Buckingham Palace, and I’m weeping into my Earl Gray tea with nostalgia about my brief sojourn in merrie olde England. Love the colors (7813, dark green and 8908, pale green). Wait a minute. Anna’s hands look so . . . cozy. Thumbholes! Anna’s...

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