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A Couple of Things

A Couple of Things - 1

Dear Kay, I love a thoughtful, detailed tour through a knitting project. It’s the essence of a knitting blog: the highs, the lows, the drama of whether the neckline will flop. Come here and sit beside Alice as she talks us through the making of her Perfect Sweater, V Neck Edition. She’s a regular Julia Child of the knitting needles–her sweater’s as purty as a perfectly roasted chicken. Squareishness! Stitch Marker...

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Yes, Virginia, There is a Perfect Sweater Pattern

Yes, Virginia, There is a Perfect Sweater Pattern - 1

Dear Kay, and All Valiant Heroes Who Have Helped to Determine the Perfect Handknit, I know there are a lot of you who have decided that world peace will arrive before the pattern for the Perfect Sweater. Ah, the Future Search for the Perfect Handknit, the project from last fall which turned our blog into a regular United Nations (or supercatty episode of The View). Well, I’m here to tell you that world peace will have to come tomorrow....

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Perfect Sweater: Sticking Their Necks Out

Perfect Sweater: Sticking Their Necks Out - 1

Dear Kay, and Everybody Who Has Found Peace with Their Finish in the Knitting Olympics, If I sound deliriously excited, it’s because I am. Just goofy, really, because even as I write, there are seven geniuses at work on the Perfect Sweater pattern. Seven intrepid artists who have looked Destiny in the face and said, “Destiny, I’m not askeered of you.” “Destiny, I flinch not.” “Destiny–look,...

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I Have a Bone to Pick

I Have a Bone to Pick - 1

Dear Kay, Still BUZZING from that hour on The Buzz Factor. We’ll have an mp3 of that delirious chatfest before long, so that anybody who wants to can hear what happens when knitters take over talk radio. (Hint: if you talk long enough on the radio, you will say anything. Peculiar knitting habits, bad dates.) A tip o’ the needles to brave soul Cara for calling! At Least Cardiovascular Mohawk Dude Was Arty This far into the Olympics, I...

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! - 1

Dear Kay, Have you ever seen anything prettier than a crochet cast-on? Our technical editor for the Perfect Sweater, Her Mandyness, has declared that the Perfect Sweater hemmed edge will involve a provisional crochet cast on. So, we provisionally cast on. We do whatever Mandy says we should do. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everybody. Mwahs, hugs, and the hope that you get to pat a skein of Malabrigo today. Love, Ann PS If you want...

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