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Perfect Sweater: Naive Utopia? We Think Not!

Perfect Sweater: Naive Utopia? We Think Not! - 1

Dear Kay, and Keepers of the Olympic Flame, Knitty’s technical editor Mandy is picking away at the Perfect Sweater pattern like some CSI investigator. Oh, it’s a crime scene all right. Such care! Such meticulation! And two brave knitters are testing out the size small pullover pattern to make sure it’s ready for prime time before we send it to all the also-brave designers who are going to be designing the many neckline styles...

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Perfect Yarn: Waning Days of the Discount

Dear everybody, First of all, I have no idea whether Kay made it to the Newark airport in time to make her flight yesterday. She did call me at what I thought was an alarmingly late hour in the day to chat about felted balls and whatnot. “Shouldn’t you, like, be trying to figure out how to get to Newark or something?” I asked. She was all “Piece of cake it’s not that far a walk and I only have the kids and luggage...

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Perfect Sweater: Remedial Coverage

Perfect Sweater: Remedial Coverage - 1

Dear Kay, and everybody who’s not quite as, uh, troublemaking as Kay, YIKES, WOMAN! You start leaving Comments with words like dolman sleeves, and people are going to bolt for the doors. You don’t yell dolman in a crowded Future Search! I state it plainly: the Perfect Sweater does not have the sleeves of the flying squirrel. There is no peculiar winged element to these sleeves. Nobody’s going to be storing nuts in these...

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Perfect Sweater: Code Name MANDY

Perfect Sweater: Code Name MANDY - 1

Dear Kay, and patient knitters the world around, Thanks to everyone for the support in my time of need. Sixteen pre-first graders armed with cups of frosting are not to be trifled with. My apologies for the long delay in announcing the latest chapter in the Perfect Sweater! I’ve managed to wipe all the frosting off my monitor. To recap (and to refresh MY memory) here’s where we are: We’re on the cusp of greatness. We have a...

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Perfect Sweater: Scary Scary Scary!

Perfect Sweater: Scary Scary Scary! - 1

Dear Kay, and All You Holiday Shoppers, So what was in the Mystery Box? Good guesses, y’all, but the box was not a Hogwarts trunk nor a Skynard box, nor did it contain Elton John and Dolly Parton, a generator, airline food, a spinning wheel, an upside-down Christmas tree, or our book.* The Mystery Box held a Segway. There has been endless curiosity about Segways in our household ever since seeing them at Disney World, so for...

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