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World Semi-Premiere: Merle Hazard Heads to the Beach (and Off the Fiscal Cliff)

World Semi-Premiere: Merle Hazard Heads to the Beach (and Off the Fiscal Cliff) - 1

Dear Kay, Everybody’s favorite financial crooner Merle Hazard is popping up on PBS again, this time with “Fiscal Cliff,” in which he imagines what would happen if our congressional leaders played the ultimate game of chicken: Please take a moment to Like and Share, if you’re feeling Likeish. I’ve been humming this all day. It totally erased “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” from my head....

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World Premiere: Merle Hazard Takes on Those Thievin’ Bankers

Dear Kay, Oh, it’s ON. Econo-crooner Merle Hazard is back, and he’s headed for a showdown in “The Ballad of Diamond Jim.” Hope you enjoy The Man in Beige in his most dramatic song yet. The PBS NewsHour has a lot of juicy Merle-related stuff over here, including a video interview with the MIT economist Simon Johnson, who watches Merle’s video and does a damn fine job of explaining exactly what the problem is with...

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Merle Hazard LIVE and IN PERSON!

Dear Kay, If you somehow missed the American Economic Association meeting in Atlanta over New Year’s weekend, then you missed out on a rare live appearance by everybody’s favorite financial country crooner, Merle Hazard. It was a regular tent revival down there! And a HUGE high-five to knitter/economic spouse Ellen who apparently witnessed this gig herself–the Venn diagram of economist spouses/Merle Hazard aficionadoes/MDK...

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World Premiere! The Latest from Merle Hazard

Dear Kay, My CB radio has been sounding choice with the news that financial crooner Merle Hazard is back. This one is for everybody who ever lived the rebellious trucker’s dream of the 1975 song “Convoy.” Looks like Merle is about to open up a can of whup*** on the American economy. Fresh from Guitar Town, here’s the world premiere of Merle Hazard’s “Bailout”: Keep your noise between the ditches and...

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