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Two Tributes, Knitted, In Progress

Two Tributes, Knitted, In Progress - 1

Dear Ann, Helloooooo down there in dry, dry Tennessee. I hope it rains soon, and that iced-tea supplies are robust. I am trying to come to grips with the fact that I, an avowed sock-knitting abstainer, am knitting a pair of socks. For Stephen Colbert. No, I’m not giving up on my quest to charm Stephen Colbert with handknit socks. I see no reason to give up. Stephen Colbert has gone on vacation for 2 weeks (this week and next week). I...

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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement - 1

Dear Ann and everybody, There has been a rushing gush of newly-completed Mitered Crosses Blanket FOs over on Ravelry.com lately. People are finishing them by the score, and they are stunning. There are faithful replications of the original, by those who doggedly sought out Noro Silk Garden #269 (a shade that currently resides on the other side of the river Styx of discontinued colorways, but will be taking the ferry back to life in early...

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No Pointless Surfing

No Pointless Surfing - 1

Dear Kay, I’ve been sucked into a low-pressure system of Low Ambition Knitting. I’d call it a tropical depression except that I actually am feeling kind of low, so let’s just say we’re in a cone of uncertainty. I’ve been reading patterns endlessly these days, looking for that perfect thing to make, but nothing has grabbed me. I think I’m letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I dipped into Debbie...

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Two Trips to Arnold’s, Many Squares, and Happy Endings

Two Trips to Arnold's, Many Squares, and Happy Endings - 1

Dear Kay, The fellas talked me into going to Arnold’s Country Kitchen for the second day in a row to celebrate the end of school. When Clif reminded me that Friday is chicken and dumpling day, well, he didn’t have to ask twice. Arnold’s is a meat-and-three on Eighth Avenue, and it is a crossroads for Nashville. You see all sorts of people, but at some point, everybody is united by the need to take a deep breath and groan....

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Big - 1

Dear Ann, I had a wonderful time at La Casita last Tuesday night. My students were a magical mix: including a medical examiner, lawyers, students, moms, a sister of a judge I used to appear before, and a Norwegian-American who named one of her sons the name I tried to name Joseph. (Wouldn’t Joseph have made a great Nils?) (On the Danish branch of my family tree, the name Nils was compulsory. You had to get Nils out of the way, and have...

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