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License to Miter

License to Miter - 1

Dear Ann, Hey guess what? A yarn store/cafe in beautiful Brooklyn kindly asked me to teach a workshop on the Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern. I have not been to La Casita yet, but I love it already because (a) it is a “yarn shop and wine bar” and (b) it is the only yarn store in the world that didn’t get the memo that a yarn store name has to include the word yarn, knitting, wool, loop, purl, stitch or ewe. Radical! Space is...

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Yay (It Ain’t Sew)

Yay (It Ain't Sew) - 1

Dear Ann, Riding high on the early-morning reverse jet lag energy, I’m (over)excited to be joining the Mitered Crosses Blanket sample. If you have ever sewn up a bunch of knitted squares into a blanket (and I know you have), you understand. I am a decent hand at sewing up. I know my way around mattress stitch, and I am not ashamed of my whip stitch, neither. It’s just so much more fun, for a knitter, to knit things together...

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Color Me Joyeuse

Dear Ann, It happens to be my birthday today, so I treated myself to the thrill of pushing the Send Money button on PayPal again. I sent $2750.00 US American Smackeroonies to MercyCorps for its Japan relief efforts. This makes a total of $5000.00, a figure that is stunning to me. (I made sure to add a note crediting the generous knitters of the world.) In other happy birthday to me headlines, I am beyond thrilled to be confirmed in my vague,...

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That Felt Great

Dear Ann qnd everybody, Checking in on the fly to thank everyone who has purchased the Mitered Crosses blanket pattern for Japan. This morning I pushed the old PayPal “SEND MONEY” button (one of my favorite buttons) to send $2,250.00 to donate@mercycorps. A princely sum for a humble garter stitch blanket that is not even finished yet (two more squares done, though). I could get used to this feeling. Ciao and bisoux from la belle...

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Did I Cast on the Noro? Reader, I Did

Did I Cast on the Noro? Reader, I Did - 1

Dear Ann, I miss you when you’re away! In my last post, I whimpered about the pull of temptation to cast on a new log cabin blanket in Noro Silk Garden before doing my duty and finishing the last sleeve on a child’s overdue pullover. A few days later, this comment came in from (our vast readership in) Qatar: I was going to say just give in to the call of the Noro, but it’s been several days, so you must have...

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