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For the Love of Miters (and each other)

For the Love of Miters (and each other) - 1

Dear Ann, You know I have a soft spot for miters. So you will understand why I went all wobbly in the lower lip when I saw this project. Once in a while a group knitting project really comes together, and is beautiful on the inside AND the outside; there is soul in the gesture and in the object itself. The phrase “greater than the sum of its parts” comes to mind. I hope it has magical, mitered healing powers. It sure looks like...

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The Power of Collective Thinking About Square Shapes

The Power of Collective Thinking About Square Shapes - 1

Dear Ann, I’m on the jitney bus to Southampton, soaking up the delicious free wifi. Our house out here is an Internet-free zone, which forces us into all kinds of involuntary wholesome activity not involving sitting on our butts staring at the screen. Not that sitting on our butts staring at the screen is a bad thing, mind you– I’m all for it! But for a few precious weeks and days of the year, we choose to spray water at...

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Miters of the Corn

Miters of the Corn - 1

Dear Ann, When Amber comes over, here’s the script: “AMBER COMES OVER: A SCENE IN ONE SCENE” [Amber and Kay embrace while jumping up and down and squealing, you-just-made-the-cheerleading-squad style.] Amber: Miters! Kay: Mitersmitersmiters! [More jumping, now spinning.] Kay: STRIPES! Amber: Stripes YES! [Yarn now tumbling out of plastic bags as jumping slows due to advancing age of one and advancing pregnancy of the...

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Orange You Glad You Weighed In?

Orange You Glad You Weighed In? - 1

Dear Kay, Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. I have been riveted as I’ve read everybody’s thoughts about the fate of the border of the tweedy squares blanket. The thing is, each argument for a particular border idea makes perfect sense. So much sense that as I read all the ideas, I decided that the only way to sort it all out was to count all the responses. Consider the tally: 1. Finish the border as is, 10 rows of orange: 23 2....

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Stuck - 1

Dear Kay, I really need some advice. It’s like I’m paralyzed with indecision. No, it’s not like I’m paralyzed; I AM paralyzed. I can barely move my fingers to type this. I Do Not Know What To Do. The good, great news is that I have crossed Finish Line 1 (knitting the squares of this blanket), Finish Line 2 (sewing the squares together), and FInish Line 3 (sewing in all the ends). My euphoria at hitting these marks was...

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