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Making a Difference, Brian Williams Style

Dear Kay, Aw, just had to share this NBC report on the volunteers of Nashville. I’m loving that the Millwood Manor apartments are featured (scene of Heather’s sleeping-bag-a-rama I described here). You still see colossal piles of dead house innards around town. When you see one of the giant claw-armed trash trucks go by, you get a little thrill that somewhere, somebody’s colossal pile of dead house innards will soon be...

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Lettuce Harvest

Lettuce Harvest - 1

Dear Kay, Judy called yesterday, announcing that she really needed to harvest the lettuce from her garden to take over to Mobile Loaves and Fishes, a nonprofit nearby that has been making hundreds and thousands of meals for flooded-out folks and the people helping them. Judy’s garden looks like one of those fake gardens you see in Martha Stewart Living. She claims that she has had little time for her garden this spring. I can’t...

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Where to Knit in……NYC

Where to Knit in......NYC - 1

Dear Ann, Once in a while I discover a great new place to knit in public, and I gotta share: Bull Moose Dog Run, Theodore Roosevelt Park, New York, New York What it has going for it (apart from the hilarious name): Sunny but also shady; dappled light makes for great stitch definition. Ample benches for ample knitters, and also for knitting bags and any equipment you’re hauling from Little League. The gravel may get stuck in your...

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A Watershed Event

A Watershed Event - 1

Dear Kay, In flood news, I keep driving past the YMCA in Green Hills, where a batch of ServPro trucks are busy drying out the place. I am pretty sure that all my evil thoughts about the Stairmaster put a whammy on the place. And I’ll admit to at least three unchristian thoughts while yanking on that rowing machine thing. But here’s wishing it dries out soon so that I can again be filled with self-loathing about not going there...

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Flood Avoidance Tips and a Haiku

Dear Kay, A rainy day here, the first since May 2, a date that will go down in infamy as The Day That Really Fracked Up Nashville. Everybody’s dodging raindrops, all jumpy. I’ve checked my gutters about eight times today. You’d think I had some kind of water allergy. Sleeping Bag Queen Heather and I spent a good long while today chasing down $8.94 sleeping bags and $3 travel pillows for kids. Such an excellent penny pincher...

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