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Let’s Get Busy and Solve All Our Problems (It’s January)


Dear Ann, “Self-improvement” is one of the most odious phrases, isn’t it? I hate the notion that by learning something new, or changing the way we do things, we are improving ourselves, or that that is the purpose of learning or changing. We are what we are, i.e., we are good people, we are doing our best (most of the time), and we shouldn’t have to constantly strive to some ideal of perfection, or feel that our very...

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Lighten Up: A Month of Getting Rid of Stuff


Dear Kay, Who kicked the plug out of the heater? I opened the door to take out the trash and it was SPICYcold. I think we broke ten degrees. These are glory days for us knitters; I’m wearing everything I ever made. It’s almost enough. A belated Happy New Year to everybody. The word for 2014 is LIGHTEN. In the interest of lightening, I decided to get rid of stuff around the house. I wanted to get rid of enough stuff that it felt like...

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