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What I Knitted Yesterday

What I Knitted Yesterday - 1

Dear Kay, Clif came down with a fever on the afternoon of Christmas, not a huge one but enough that he had the pale look of a Dickensian street urchin. I was sorry for him but ready to hunker down with the rituals of the flu: thermometer, fluids, pillowcases, meds, and most of all, my boy. Yesterday, he woke up feeling worse than the day before, so I spent the day sitting upwind from him in the den as he burrowed into the sofa, an endless...

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Not About Knitting

Dear Ann, I am sitting here, as our Christmas trip to Omaha approaches, surrounded by lush handknits that I’ve finally summoned the motivation to finish, block, and wrap in tissue paper. But I haven’t had the heart to blog about knitting, or even knit much, since the tragedy in Newtown. I’m sure that you, and our readers, have had the same feelings in these past days. Horror, anger, fear–and a powerful desire to do...

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