Giveaway: Noro Lace book, plus Noro Itself


Dear Ann, I adore Noro’s self-striping, colorful yarns. I return to Noro Silk Garden, in particular, time after time. It can be tricky to use these yarns in garments, I find. You have to wrestle with existential questions such as whether you are the kind of person who needs the sleeves on a cardigan to match, or at least rhyme, or whether you are ok with a pair of socks or mitts being “fraternal” instead of identical. The fun...

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Traveling Light


Dear Kay, Finished. It’s a blanket now. The I-cord edging took two sessions of Masters tournament coverage. I was so hypnotized that I think I fell asleep at one point while simultaneously cranking attached I-cord. Always remember to do three rows of UNattached I-cord as you turn the corners. I always think of you when I do this. It’s so clever: you’re attaching and attaching, then for a minute you don’t. One...

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Happy Birthday to Kay!


Dear Kay, Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! If only you were on Facebook, by this point in the day you would be awash in happy birthdays from dear friends, former colleagues, people you wish you knew better, and the odd Starbucks gift card. (Has anybody ever sent or received a Starbucks gift card for a Facebook birthday? I think it’s like winning the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, or first-row parking at the airport: a dream, a...

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Breaking News of a Very Mild Yet Earthshattering Sort

Breaking News of a Very Mild Yet Earthshattering Sort - 1

Dear Kay, Just wanted to pass along this stunning, breaking piece of yarn-related news: Noro is bringing its creamy neutral yarn back into production. Silk Garden 269 and Kureyon 211. I just learned this from a kind fellow who answered my email to KFI. He says it won’t reach the U.S. until April next year. But maybe he’s wrong. For those who are not thunderstruck by this news, well, it’s OK. But for those of us like me, who...

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Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence. Garter Stitch.

Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence. Garter Stitch. - 1

Dear Ann, Balto is one of the most beloved statues in Central Park. Balto was the lead dog of the last of several teams of mushers and sled dogs who relayed diptheria antitoxin to save children in Nome, Alaska, in the winter of 1925. They made the journey with desperate speed and in appalling weather. The story of Balto is here. (I like the part about how “the serum was packed in a cylinder, wrapped in an insulating quilt, and then...

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