A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

The Joke’s On You, Narrowminded Cur!

Dear Ann, How did we miss this? Book ’em, Brontes! Love, Kay P.S. Status report on El Blanki Magnifico: All but 2 squares joined into wholeness; those 2 blocks need their 2 half-blocks before they can be united with the others. Down to 3 yards of #269, spit-felted from 2 pieces. RUGGED! Waiting for a ball of #269 to drop from the sky (a pony would also be nice). Seriously, I have reason to believe that Yarn. Is on. The Way. This...

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We’re All Dead Chuffed

We're All Dead Chuffed - 1

Dear Everybody, Listening to WFUV on the way to Jersey last night, we heard Dennis Elsas play the Beatles’ 1963 Christmas greeting. This was a special record sent to their fan club members. (Dennis said the record was green vinyl.) Listen all the way, and hear George thank the fan club secretaries! It must be a fresh thrill for Ann, Bettina and Frieda every time they hear it. They were so young and silly. More of these, for other...

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