Our Favorite Little Black Fruit

Our Favorite Little Black Fruit - 1

Dear Ann, Kind reader Elizabeth D. sends breaking news: August is Celebrate Olive month! For reals! There’s a whole website about it! They have some interesting suggestions on how to observe Celebrate Olive Month. Number 8: “Sign up for school snack duty: Send the kids in with a few cans of California Ripe Olives (and a can opener).” I’m not sure I want my kids known as Those Kids (Who Brought Canned Olives To...

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First Annual Olive Bergmann Festival of Songs About Dogs

First Annual Olive Bergmann Festival of Songs About Dogs - 1

Dear Ann, You may have wondered, with a sinking, sure knowledge, “Is Kay going to be one of those people who celebrates her dog’s birthday?” Why yes. Yes I am one of those people. (I know! It’s awful!) Olive is one year old today. She loves the popular music of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s (chewable formats only, vinyl preferred). To mark the occasion, a few classics, certified Helen Reddy-free. I heard this one in...

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How To Bore Your Dog

How To Bore Your Dog - 1

Dear Ann, Don’tcha hate it when a blogger says they’re working on secret knitting, and they get all CIA about it? Olive finds this very boring. But what can I do? I’m working on Secret Knitting. It’s for a pal. Let’s just say that it has taken on A Life of Its Own. There is no aspect of this project that Olive doesn’t think is boring. Sure, it cushions the stones on the patio, and it’s mildly...

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Brother From Another Mother

Brother From Another Mother - 1

Dear Ann, People always ask me, “What kind of dog is that?” Impossible to tell, really. We were told: Australian Terrier and Miniature Poodle. No sign of poodle in the actual dog, though. So, Olive is some kind of terrier mix that also is reminiscent of a tiny German Shepherd. Here in the land of Yorkies, Chorkies, Havanese, and many hyphenations of poo, we never see a dog that looks like her. Until we met Hercules. ...

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Dogography - 1

Dear Ann, I’m learning a lot about dog photography. It goes slower than knitting photography. You never have to wait for knitting to stop licking itself. If you’re trying to photograph a dog in a naturalistic setting of quilts or handknits, it’s good if the dog sleeps a lot and likes textiles. My dog really likes textiles, especially my personal pillow. Apparently my pillow is just THE BEST. If you had told me a year ago...

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