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Thin Men of Manhattan! And Mr. Boy!

Thin Men of Manhattan!  And Mr. Boy! - 1

Dear Ann, It’s always exciting when a new issue of Twist Collective goes live, and I get to see what we wrote. In the brand-new Summer 2009 issue, there are additional delights: Franklin, at the height of his powers in “13 Ways of Looking at a Knitter.” A wonderful piece of literate, laugh-out-loud whimsy, with drawings reminiscent of Picasso’s late work. (My Franklin crush is obviously out of control: hello,...

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Free Pattern!

Dear Kay, Look! It’s the next Clapotis! Anybody can knit for a fake chicken. Kudos to Erika (Ravelry link) for taking it to the next level. Pattern instruction: “The front two corners are tacked together, because chickens can’t use shawl pins.” Love, Ann PS Thanks to Meg McG. for this link . ....

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Twelve Daddies Puffing

Twelve Daddies Puffing - 1

Dear Ann: I love Reader Mail. This just in, from Barbara: Hi Kay, [Puff Daddy] is the perfect pattern. A little bit of luxurious yarn, a little time, and boom, I just finished making 12 of them for the girls in my New York and Hong Kong offices! Here are the ones I got to pose…. So, everybody who is freaking about their Holiday Knitting, channel your Inner Barbara. If you were knitting everybody a Puff Daddy, you’d be finished by...

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Puff Daddy is in the House!

Puff Daddy is in the House! - 1

Dear Ann, Remember Mariko and the crazy puff scarflet she found in her dad’s closet and how we all squee’d at the cuteness and eggzamined it very carefully to see how it was made? And how we suffered 70s Acrylic Flashbacks and speculated how terrific this accessory would be, if knitted up in Good Yarn, by which we mean a free-range natural fiber preferably of a high-altitude ruminant? The original has yielded up its secrets, and...

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Envious? Me?

Envious? Me? - 1

Dear Kay, I am writing today mostly to brag about my new friend Mareike. I met Mareike two weeks ago, when Hubbo and I were invited to a back-to-school party hosted by a Vanderbilt professor and his wife whom I’d never met. It was the first time in ages that I had attended a party that involved a keg. How thrilling! How communal! We are all going to drink this thing together! There were dozens of young graduate students speaking foreign...

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