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Knitting Poem of the Week

Knitting Poem of the Week - 1

Dear Ann, I am so happy to have discovered the Knitting Poem of the Week. This one is also the Dyeing Poem of the Week, for all you cochineal fans (and you know who you are). (With thanks to our literate, kniterate Champagne Bohemian, for leading me to the Poetry Society website.) Let’s all visit every week, and hope they don’t run out of knitting poems. Oh! And while I’m getting all arts & lettersy, I wish so hard...

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Should Old Blogquaintance Be Forgot

Should Old Blogquaintance Be Forgot - 1

Dear knitting friends, both far and near It’s Mason-Dixon Knitting here. Your frabjous galpals, Ann and Kay Are hollering, “calloo! callay!” Our inspiration: that elegant codger, The New Yorker’s arch Angell, Roger We don’t expect to do him justice R-to-the-A busts our rhyming–trust us. ‘Tis seasonish to offer greetings Lushily, at cocktail meetings The Interwebs save us the trek (Next year,...

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Mute Poetry Jam

Mute Poetry Jam - 1

(Some web. Courtesy of Google Images, y’all.) Dear Ann, In honor of the Feast of St. Brigid (and Groundhog Day), the blogiverse is celebrating with its third annual Silent Poetry Reading. When it’s my turn at the silent mike, here’s what I’m going to read. Location, Location, by Michael Milburn. (From this book). Everybody grab a poem and get in line! Love, Kay P.S. If you’re here because you read a rumor that Ann...

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